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     “I came to Ann for help making some
      changes in my life. I was looking for
      a way to define myself on a much
      deeper level as well as find intimacy
      with God. Ann helped me delve into
      the core of what I was seeking
      and find practical ways
      to grow. I now see fruitful changes in
      many areas of my life.”
      —  Therese, 23 years old

“As a result of my coaching experience
       with Ann I am no longer depressed,
       I have a new job and I am growing
       spiritually. Ann provided the support,
       encouragement and spiritual
       guidance that I needed to change.
        I have found the balance that I
        have struggled for so long
        to attain.”
—  Laura, 28 years of age

      “Ann kept encouraging me to talk
        to God about my difficult
        circumstances and listen to what
        the Holy Spirit might be saying to me.
       That discipline has increased my
        intimacy with God.
       He does speak to me when I listen!”

        —  Dennis, 59 years if age



Are you yearning for a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Jesus?
Do you have hopes, questions or obstacles related to your Christian walk that you would like to explore? Perhaps you would like to become more disciplined and intentional in your walk of faith. It is difficult to experience growth and change by yourself.

God never meant for us to be isolated. Jesus walked beside his disciples for over three years revealing to them the way of the Kingdom of God. He challenged them, encouraged them, loved them and coached them through everyday circumstances. They became transformed in the process.

Ann Monikowski seeks to follow the same model as she partners with others.

Spiritual Life Coaching provides an opportunity for individuals to thoughtfully and honestly explore their relationship with God in the company of another

Spiritual Life Coaching can help you:

• Grow in intimacy with God by learning to hear his voice
• Develop a meaningful prayer life
• Find a Kingdom perspective in the midst of daily    circumstances
• Discover and grow in your spiritual gifts
• Explore your life purpose and calling
• Become intentional and focused as a disciple of Christ
• Heal hurts and obstacles to God’s love and intimacy
• Explore spiritual disciplines and scripture










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