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   Discovering the path, sharing the journey
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     “With Ann’s encouragement and
       help I was able to chart a course to
       make my home based business
       profitable. I was finally able to get
       up the courage  to take steps to
       change my single status to happily
       engaged! I don’t believe I would
       have been able to accomplish either
       one without Ann’s coaching help.”

Maggie, Interior Design Consultant

“Throughout the coaching process
        Ann was consistently able to help
        me “think outside the box” and
       discover options and new ways of
       looking at things especially in
       difficult circumstances.”

       —  Thomas, Sales

      “I felt stuck, worn out, aimless and
        hopeless about my future. Ann
        helped me identify my values,
        gifts and dreams and helped me
        set a course of action. She provided
       the structure and accountability
       I needed. Within six months of
       coaching my life took a 180 degree
       turn. I am now happily situated
       in a new career and moving forward!”

       —  Lorrie, Systems Analyst



Is there an area of your life that
needs attention?

Is there something that you’d really like to do? Maybe you have tried to get things moving on your own but you get busy, stuck or lose momentum. A coach can help you move your dreams to reality, and sooner than you may expect!

Personal Life Coaching provides an opportunity for individuals to discover ways to successfully overcome obstacles, explore options and set a realistic course of action to accomplish a goal.

Personal Life Coaching can
help you:

• Evaluate your lifestyle, vocation and priorities
• Explore relationships with others
• Develop new habits or skills
• Pursue a dream or aspiration in a focused,
   intentional way
• Discover and understand your gifts, life stage
   or calling
• Understand your values and how they impact your
   choices and behavior
• Make practical changes in your life (like getting    organized or losing weight)
• Overcome obstacles that keep you from
   personal success





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