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  Discovering the path, sharing the journey
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     “I am very appreciative to Ann for her
       sensitive, loving and creative
       guidance. She helped me to clarify
       my goals, make a plan, confirm my
       strengths and inspire me to ‘go for it!’
      Through the coaching experience
      I was able to finally accomplish
       my goals.”
  —  Margaret, Small Business Owner

 “Ann has help me sort through the
       many things on my plate and bring
       order, peace and margin into my life.
       I am most grateful!”

      —  Lois, Teacher and Ministry Coordinator

 “I came to Ann to help me discern
       and dislodge the ‘blocks in my life’
       that have kept me from living an
       abundant life. Her wisdom,
       compassion, discernment and
       gracious sensitivity have given me
      the support and direction I’ve
      needed to make continuous
      constructive steps toward my goal.”

    —  Judy, Self-employed


Ann Monikowski has an extensive history of investing in the lives of others. She is committed to following the example of Jesus Christ and looking to the Bible for practical guidance in everyday situations. Ann loves people. She has a deep desire to see others grow and move toward personal freedom and transformation. As a life coach she helps others discover their unique path by asking reflective questions, challenging perspectives, providing insight and encouragement as well as sharing helpful resources.


Founder of Journey Partner Coaching
TLC Transformational Leadership Coach
TLC Certified Life Coach
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
   and Consultant for 20 years
Veteran Prayer Minister, Prayer
   Intercessor,Speaker and Teacher
Christian Discipleship Mentor
Church and Para-Church Leader

















Certified Life Coach

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