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Are you yearning for a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ?

Do you want to discover your kingdom calling, grow in your prayer life or address the daily challenges you face as a Christian?

Do you have dreams, aspirations or goals that you’d like to explore or pursue?
Maybe you just haven’t had the time, energy or confidence to make it happen on your own. Perhaps now is the time to move your plan forward!

Working with a professional life coach can make all the difference!

Ann Monikowski is a Certified Life Coach, who has worked for over 20 years with individuals seeking change and personal growth. She is committed to sharing your journey of discovery and transformation by providing support, insight, resources and thoughtful reflection. It is her joy to empower others to fulfill their goals, aspirations and life purpose.


A Professional Coach is a Personal Change Expert. A coach focuses on your agenda. Rather than setting goals for you, a coach will help you define what you want to do, discover your options, find ways to overcome obstacles and set a realistic course of action so you can successfully attain your goals. A coach offers the needed support, expertise, encouragement, accountability and resources you need to birth change
in your life.

The coaching process will help you both discover and move your aspirations and goals into reality….and faster than you might think!

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Certified Life Coach

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